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We added some new HD webcams, here you have a selection. Now we got 376 webcams with a resolution greater than 640px, of a total number of 2,977 active webcams.

More webcams soon!

Rimini Webcams, Emilia Romagna, Italy

Webcam screenshot near Rimini

Riva Webcams, Lake Garda, Italy

Webcam screenshot near Riva

Loano Webcams, Liguria, Italy

Webcam screenshot near Loano

Pizzomunno Webcams, Italy

Webcam screenshot near Pizzomunno

Ares Webcams, A Coruña, Spain

Webcam screenshot near Ares

Kreuzlingen Webcams, Switzerland

Webcam screenshot near Kreuzlingen

Hoylake Webcams, England, United Kingdom

Webcam screenshot near Hoylake

Webcams en Woody Point, Queensland, Australia

Webcam screenshot near Woody Point

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We are reviewing all surf spots webcams to improve their resolution. This will not be possible in all cases, since the resolution depends on the quality and configuration of each webcam, but we’ll probably manage to improve most of them with a minimum resolution of 640px.

In some cases we may reach impressive resolutions above 1024px, as in the webcam of island of Saint Barthelemy.

We currently got 36 active webcams with improved resolution, from a total of 3,231 webcams. Here’s a selection of 12 webcams in high and medium resolution.

HD Webcams (above 640px)

Saint Barthelemy’s Webcam

Essaouira’s Webcam

Marsa Alam’s Webcam

Sáfaga’s Webcam

Bergen aan Zee’s Webcam

Urnersee’s Webcam

Ischia’s Webcam

Medium resolution Webcams (640px)

Sagres’s Webcam

Pals’s Webcam

El Palmar’s Webcam

El Médano’s Webcam

Jandía Playa’s Webcam

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On the occasion of the end of the world, we added 3.734 webcams in 1.397 spots. Approximately 1 of 4 spots in Wisuki has now at least one webcam. You still have time to discover all these wonderful places you always wanted to know!

But eventually, if wind and waves don’t stop, now you can also check the condition before you run to your usual spots :)

Example: Cams from Playa de Jandía

Webcams from Playa de Jandía.

How to find what spots got webcams?

This icon indicates that the spot has at least one webcam.

This icon indicates that the spot has at least one webcam.

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We recently added new forecasts based in NAM models, with a higher resolution than global GFS model. Resolutions for NAM models are 3km and 12km, as GFS model resolution is 50km.

The lower is the model resolution, the greater is the forecast reliability. Therefore, NAM model forecasts reliability are greater than GFS model forecasts, particularly for NAM 3km model forecasts.

Example for models GFS 50km (3h and 1h), NAM 12km and NAM 3km

NAM 12km and NAM 3km models forecasts are available in most spots from North America, Hawaii islands and north Caribbean islands.

NAM 3km

NAM 12km

These are the NAM models main features.

NAM 12km

  • 3 hours slots
  • 4 days forecast
  • Wind, temperature, clouds and rainfall forecast

NAM 3km

  • 1 hour slot
  • 2 days forecast
  • Wind, temperature, clouds and rainfall forecast

GFS 50km (3h and 1h) forecasts, NAM 12km and NAM 3km forecasts for Surfer’s Beach, Puerto Rico

NAM 12km covers North America area.

NAM 3km model covers Hawaii islands area.

NAM 3km also covers north Caribbean islands.

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We added to all spots a new 1 hour intervals forecast, in addition to regular 3 hours intervals forecast. Forecast model is the same (GFS), but now it’s possible to predict more accurately the exact time of desired conditions.

Here you have an example for Sennen Cove:

We also added this feature to our embeddable forecast widget in case you want to add it to your website or blog. You just need to add the new interval1h=1 parameter to widget URL:

GFS forecasts in 1h and 3h intervals.