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We just developed a new widget that would allow you to easily integrate Wisuki’s Wind, Waves and Tide forecasts in you website. Please, find attached a widget screenshot for Margaret River.

Wind, Waves and Tide widget for Margaret River.

Integration example:

Widget example for Margaret River:

Embed code example:

<iframe src="" style="border: 0; width: 860px; height: 480px;" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Optional parameters:
spotinfo=1 Displays a box with additional info about the spot.
tideinfo=1 Displays a box with additional info about the tide reference buoy.
nofollow=1 Adds rel=”nofollow” to all widget links.
disabletide=1 Removes tide graph.
disablenighttime=1 Removes night time slots (and tide graph).


Please, don’t hesitate to contact us if you need some help or have any suggestion.

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We are looking for main pictures for all community riders spot groups. If your picture is selected for the spot group cover, then you can optionally become the main sponsor for that group, and we’ll add a link to your profile from the group description.

Check this community riders spot group example: Big Bay

Step 1: Upload spot pictures to your community profile.

Where: Community > Your profile > Album > Upload picture

Upload spot pictures to your profile.

Step 2: Send a private message to member Wisuki

Where: Private mensaje Wisuki

In your message, please provide the URL where spot pictures are located, and optionally. Also, let us know if you’d like to become the main sponsor of that spot group, in that case we’ll add a link to your profile in the spot descrition.


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A quick introduction to Wisuki Alerts. Soon more videos to cover other specific features. Feedback and comments are welcome. Thanks.

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Now, all wind and waves alerts maps can be animated. Remember, an alert is the daily maximum wind and/or waves conditions, so when animating a map for a certain area, you’ll get instantly where, when and what are the best conditions for spots in that area.

Alert maps can be animated step by step (clicking the forward or backward buttons), or automatically (clicking the play button). Each animation frame corresponds to one day. While map animation is running, conditions details are updated in the alerts ticker (left column) for spots with best conditions for that area, for that day.

Here you have some examples.

Spots in a country:

Spots in a region:

Spots in any geocode location:

Sample alerts map animation for Andalucia, Spain.

Animated alerts maps control buttons.